Payment Methods



1) Credit, Debit Cards And Bank Transfer By Moneybookers

2) Credit And Debit Cards Payment By 2CO

3) Paypal Payment

4) Cheques and Money Order Payment

5) Wired Transfer (TT)

6) Western Union Money Transfer


Other payment options, please request by email: info@thexsi.com






     Local payments in 30+ countries! EU     


Moneybookers accept payment by the following credit and debit cards:
Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Visa Electron and Local Payments in more than 30 countries


United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Switzerland,

Austria, Ireland (Rep. of), Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic,

Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Andorra, Portugal, Croatia, Japan, India...etc.


Payments to online shops

  • Choose Moneybookers on the checkout page of the shop
  • Once loaded, the payment gateway will prompt you to login into your Moneybookers account by entering your email address and password
  • Choose your preferred method of payment and confirm the transaction
Upon completion, you will be returned to the shops’ website and Moneybookers will instantly inform the shop of the transaction. All you have to do then is wait for your goods or services!


The issue of electronic money is a "regulated activity" under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and the EU directive on electronic money. Moneybookers Ltd. is authorised by the FSA to issue electronic money as a specialised electronic money issuer subject to regulatory requirements and supervision. Moneybookers FSA Register No: 214225


Moneybookers is one of the safest payment methods available today.

  • We use multiple layers of security to help protect transaction information.

  • The transmission of information over the Internet during registration is executed using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to help protect user information against unauthorised access from third parties, loss and fraud.

  • Personal information is transferred over the Internet for registration, collection, and law-enforcement purposes. In such cases, advanced forms of encryption technologies are used to help protect against unauthorised access.

  • Financial information is not stored on the Internet. Financial information, e.g. credit card numbers or bank accounts, is not shared between buyers and sellers, thus protecting both parties.





2CO is an authorized retailer of goods and services provided by Thexs International

All credit cards or paypal payment will be processed by 2CO.


Currently 2CO accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Diners Club, JCB and Paypal.

2CO payment pages are secured with Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with encryption. This means that your credit card details will be encrypted and protected. 2CO's Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software is among the best software available today for secure online commerce transactions.

2CO does not allow any transactions that do not occur on a secure connection. For security reasons card numbers are transmitted directly to the banking network for authorization. 2CO does not record your card number anywhere.


For more details, you can refer to  2Checkout.com, Inc.

To see if you are in a secure mode look at the address bar of your browser during the Checkout process. The address should start with "https://" (meaning it is a secure server) instead of the usual "http://". Also in your browser's status bar you should see a picture of a lock. Double click on it, if you want to verify the Secure Certificate.


All transactions done in this way will appear as "2CO.COM" on your credit card statement, with details of your transaction with Thexs Int in the description field.


   Thexs International is a 2CO certified seller.





Paypal accept payment by the following credit and debit cards:
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Echeck


We accept multi-currency transactions for Paypal payment:

US ($), CAD ($),  EURO (€), GBP (£) and YEN (¥)


Please take note that PAYPAL payment will be paid under KENWAH SYSTEM.


We can also process credit card payments through PayPal. Our shopping cart is integrated with Paypal. If you would like to learn more about Paypal, please visit their site www.paypal.com


Or you can send an email to us with the items and quantities you'd like to purchase. We will send you a Paypal invoice via email. A detailed invoice that will include all charges including shipping. Also in the email will be a link to Paypal, where you can click on the icon to conclude your purchase.

Email to pay@kenwah.com.  


PayPal has optimized the checkout experience with an exciting improvement to our payment flow.

For new buyers, signing up for a PayPal account is now optional. This means you can complete your payments first, and then decide whether to save your information in a PayPal account for future purchases. The checkout is more convenient.
Here’s how this checkout works:
  • Customers enter their name and shipping address.
  • They’re prompted for their credit card, email address, and phone number.
  • (Optional) After reviewing their information, they may choose to save their information by creating a PayPal account to make future transactions faster



We also accept bank money order or cheque payment in Singapore Currency (SGD), preferably those with international network. Please e-mail to us to make payment arrangement. info@thexsi.com

You can proceed to do it after receiving our email for the order confirmation. Please include a copy of the email together with the money order or cheque. 

Please email to info@thexsi.com for arrangment. Thank you.


International Customer

Note that there is a intermediary bank fee that must be paid per transaction and please allow up to 21 working days for international cheque to clear the banking system. We will only consider the payment to be received once the cheque has successfully cleared.


US Customer

For US customer, we can also accept cheque deposit into a personal account in US - Bank of America

Please email to info@thexsi.com for arrangement. Thank you.




We also accept wire transfer (TT - Telegraphic Transfer) to our USD bank account in Singapore.

Will require USD 6 for processing fee for order less then USD 1,000.

Please e-mail to us to make payment arrangement. info@thexsi.com




Payment to us via Western Union Money Transfer
For payment to us via Western Union Money Transfer <http://westernunion.com>.


Pay with Western Union

Step 1: Send us an email and let us know your requirements.

Please email us at info@thexsi.com

Step 2: And we will email to you the invoice with Western Union payment details.

As Western Union Money Transfer is effected from person to person, our appointed recipient (representative receiver) for all International payment will be given in the following format :
1) Receiver’s First Name 
2) Receiver’s Last Name
3) Amount in Sender’s Currency : $XX.XX (Purchase Order Amount)
4) City : Singapore
5) Country : Singapore

Step 3: Once you have sent funds, advise us via email at info@thexsi.com with the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and sender details.

Step 4: As soon as we receive the payment from Western Union, we will ship out your items and send you an email to update you.

Western Union is able to accept credit/debit card payment online for customers from United States, United Kingdom and Canada . Otherwise, a simple transaction through telephone call to local Western Union office (please refer www.westernunion.com for country telephone numbers to call in) or a transaction at any Western Union agent worldwide is acceptable as payment to us. Please visit www.westernunion.com for more information on the nearest Western Union agent to you.

What you need to do :
-Visit your nearest Western Union®Agent location http://www.westernunion.com or www.westernunion.com  to pay online or by other methods such as phoning Western Union in your country (please refer www.westernunion.com for country telephone numbers to call in).
-Provide credit/debit card details or payment to the clerk in cash - including the amount to be sent and appropriate fee(s). Identification may be required. Additional restrictions may apply.
-Get the Western Union Money Transfer Control Number from the clerk or receipt that includes your Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).

For US, UK or Canada customers using credit/debit cards to make payment to us, please visit www.westernunion.com 
Please email us at info@thexsi.com should you have further questions.